Thursday, June 7, 2007

Illustrated London News images 1845 and 1852

Article on the great fire in Pittsburgh that swept through in 1845 that burned down almost the entire downtown area. I grew up in Pittsburgh so it was funny coming across this article!

A drawing of 'icebergs' along with an interesting description of them.

The Captain himself, Sir John Franklin...

...and his ships, the 'Erebus' and 'Terror'. Poor 'Barretto Jr.' is not shown here, who was the vessel that was their supply ship while traveling across the Atlantic to Greenland.

The distinguished Captains and Lieutenants who were part of the 1852 search and rescue missions, the first officially sent out by the Admiralty, including (L to R) Osborne, Allard, M'Clintock (my favorite), Pullen, and Richards. This drawing was originally a photograph taken by Mr. Beard's photographic studio. !

The tilting of the 'Sophia' as she is hoisted up by the ice floe.

Drawing done by an Esquimaux who said that he had seen two ships stranded on an iceberg. These ships were said to be Franklin's two ships as more reports from a whaling vessel the 'Renovation' also reported seeing two apparently abandoned ships.

Drawings of two Esquimaux women in festive dress during Captain Belcher's Expedition

The text from the new balloon messages that were to be used by Captain Belcher. Each satin balloon would possess an engraved tag with this text offering up the specified information. The balloons were supposedly able to float in the water if they lost their air.

Bellott Memorial: the first memorial I have documented, located on the sight of the old Royal Navy Academy


Anonymous said...

The ship Barretto Junior was owned by the agency house of Joseph Barretto called Barretto & Co of Calcutta. I am Joseph's direct descendant but I haven't seen any photo or sketch of the ship. what I know is that the ship accompanied the Erasmus as supply ship and it also transported convicts from England to Australia. Thank you for mentioning the ship.

James Joseph Barretto

farmboy said...

Hi James Joseph Barretto,

I am a direct descendant of John Barretto, Joseph's elder brother. Have been doing research on the ships that the agency owned. So far I have only found a painting of the Indiana.


Paul Henry Barretto