Sunday, June 17, 2007

I'll meet you at the Cemetery gates

Quite fitting with Friday's brooding weather, I went to Kensal Green Cemetery to visit a few old friends: Captain John Ross, Captain Edward Inglefield, Captain McCormick, and Captain McClure. And definitely not to forget, Lady Jane Franklin.

First stopping in at the small office, I got a plot map and a list of where they were each buried, thinking that in the midst of all the graves, that I would be able to find theirs.

This was not the case...

The only grave, even with a map in hand!, was Captain Ross's grave,

which was quite exquisite with an anchor and chain.

And Lady Jane's grave closed to the public in a mausoleum as I was told by one of the cemetery workers. But there were some other exquisite graves or tombs that I photographed, which sort of made up for the fact that I couldn't place my plastic red rose on her grave.

Yes, that is a sphinx on the right side...


Teck said...

7246Thea your pictures and comments of and about the cemetery remind me of Bonaventure Cemetery in Savannah, Ga. It has a very old section with mausoleums, old tombstones and with the spanish moss hanging from the live oaks it is erie. There is alot of Savannah history there. On the trips I led I usually tried to walk thru the old cemeteries as that is where you found so much history, local customs, and also native plants.

Anonymous said...

Thea, you know in the UK one of the first studies to associate socioeconomic status with health looked at grave height (how big a grave headstone could you afford) with age of death. Needless to say the bigger the headstone the longer you had lived, although your captains lost at sea may be outliers:-) -Kamilah