Thursday, December 3, 2009

I am finally finishing up my new website design. Adding titles, sizes, etc, which for some reason has taken me too long to finish!

Recently I became part of the Pittsburgh Artist Registry, an online database where you can find many many southwestern Pennsylvania artist, writers, performers. It is a project through The Office of Public Art in partnership with the Greater Pittsburgh Arts Council and the city of Pittsburgh Department of City Planning. The NEA has a hand in it, too, of course. Artists are listed alphabetically and have images of their work, website links, and short artist statement and bio.

Another resource that I have been a member of for the past year is Sermitsiaq, the Greenlandic english speaking newspaper. By subscribing, you receive a weekly emailed newsletter offering short articles about current issues such as the induction of the new prime minister this past early fall, tourist/ mining expansions, and of course all of the climate changes causing disruptions. Sometimes the translations are a bit off but overall it has been an interesting weekly read. Also, this week talks about the Greenlandic movie, Nuummioq, being shown at this year's Sundance Film Festival! The website also offers news in Danish, which can easily be translated into English. I have attached the translation program I usually use.


JoanneAngelina said...

Hello fellow blogger!
I happened to take chance upon your blog and I must say, I really enjoy reading your posts, the places you have been is just fantastic that I only dream of going in the near future. I am a fellow university scholar and lately i have had growing interest in the wonders and history as well as research and explorations of Arctic and am glad to have come here to add some further insight!

Maria said...

Thanks for the tip about Sermitsiaq- I'll check it out!
Congrats with the updated site- that's an ongoing project.. Cheers, Maria