Monday, May 28, 2007

Preparations for sailing

13 hr: Skies are clear, cloudless, light blue with haze of whiteness
Memorial Day holiday and so shops are closed.

Two days before I ship out for Greenwich, London and I am organizing my belonging and hoping that I will make it across the ocean without throwing up. My thoughts are further complicated with lost objects that I am prepared to find at the museum: maps, flags, spoons, shoe leather, sails, gold pocket watches, tins, diaries, language and visuals, morphing into collections of memories.


Addie B. said...


I am just back and now you must go. To give up the contents of your stomach is the least painful of all there is to be given over in travel. My best to your dear M, and my best to you as you search out shoe leather.

Following you,


Kris Kurzawa said...

Bon Voyage! May your adventure begin!